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I'm sure I've posted already on this site but I come asking if any of you lovely people know of any kittens that are looking for a new home?  My fiance and I are in the market for a pair off kittens to help fill my new house in Beckenham but proper pet shops that actually sell pets don't seem to exist any more...

Please help!

And as per custom, here are my answers to the standard questions...
1. ASL?
No idea what this means!
2. Favourite place in Beckenham?
My new house, otherwise the courtyard bar of La Racasse in summer.
3. How did you come to be in Beckenham? And where abouts do you live?
I was brought up down the road and bought my first house (off Brackley Road) in 2005. Just bought a new house on the other side of Beckenham (not Elmers End though!) and moving into it next week.
4. What do you do?
I work in public sector audit. It's far more interesting than it sounds though ;)
5. a.) I love Beckenham because... 
It's green and leafy
There are plenty of places to eat out
b.) I hate Beckenham because...
I get scared walking and driving past the Bridge Bar on weekend (and sometimes weekday) evenings.
6. If you were to take someone out and show them a good time, where would you take them for a night of the best Beckenham can offer?
I'd start off with a couple of happy hour cocktails at Bar Flux, then onto Mai Ping for fab food, ending up probably in the bar at La Racasse.
7. What does Beckenham need to make it better?
Um. An eat-in curry house on the high street?

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