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New to community and Beckenham

1. ASL?
2. Favourite place in Beckenham?
Beckenham Place Park
3. How did you come to be in Beckenham? And where abouts do you live?
I moved here in August 2007 to get away from Luton and live near my sister (Elmers End). I'm on the high street.
4. What do you do?
Freelance graphic design but am currently waiting on a job application for somethign very different to go through.
5. a.) I love Beckenham because...
It's not Luton.
b.) I hate Beckenham because...
It's full of wannabe footballers wives, there's nothing to do socially that appeals and my neighbour is definite ASBO material.
6. If you were to take someone out and show them a good time, where would you take them for a night of the best Beckenham can offer?
Gormet Burger Kitchen
7. What does Beckenham need to make it better?
A music store. An alt pub. Less rowdy idiots.

Doesn't seem to have been much activity on here for a while. Am hoping a new member will bring some people out the woodwork!
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