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A Returning Member!

Hi All,

I thought I'd re-join this community with my "new" Live Journal.....add me if you like. 
1. ASL?
28/F/Elmers End

2. Favourite place in Beckenham?
The place I end up the most is usually Costa when I'm kittyvondanzig catching up on gossip and generally bitching about the state of the world. Dizzys can be quite fun especially when it's Cocktail Happy Hour.

3. How did you come to be in Beckenham? And where abouts do you live?

I've been gone and come back so many times. Moved to Elmers End from Penge when I was 12, then re-located to Thorton Heath in 2000 and ended up coming back within 6 months. Moved to Rectory Road with my "then" boyfriend and his house mates. The lease on the flat ran out and so we moved to Penge. But when we split up in January, I came back to Elmers End, which is where I am at the moment. (Just past Tescos for those that want to know).

4. What do you do?
Not a lot at the moment. I lost my job and so currently looking for another one, but that's in between spending most of my time on the Xbox talking to my boyfriend (who lives in New York).

5. a.) I love Beckenham because...
Err.....because it's there?!? I don't think I have a particular love of Beckenham.

b.) I hate Beckenham because...
It's 3500 miles from New York!!

6. If you were to take someone out and show them a good time, where would you take them for a night of the best Beckenham can offer?
I don't think I would!! Been thinking about this as I was thinking about showing my boyfriend where I live, when he comes over, but I don't think he'll be impressed with anything. Maybe Dizzys and then drinking somewhere.....anywhere but the Goose!!!

7. What does Beckenham need to make it better?
I'm not too sure.......possibly a rock/metal pub.
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7. What does Beckenham need to make it better?
I'm not too sure.......possibly a rock/metal pub.

Amen to that. I can't quite picture it though :(
Me and my best friend have always had a fantasy of opening one....
I think a rock pub in Beckenham would go out of business very quickly :(
Add? Oh wait, did that 3 years ago! :p

Has it really been that long?!?
No prizes for guessing who this is lol.