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Hello N'hamers!

So, It's been a while!
Posts have been a bit sporadic of late - but as the sun started shining on our lovely Beckenham streets in the last few days, i was reminded of summers past, and my first Beckenhamwhy? Moot!

In tribute to these yummy warm feelings, i thought i'd see if we have enough activity to keep alive frootz idea of a question of the week. I know we're not known over here for prolonged use or amazing comment numbers, but it'd be nice to get the community going again. So with a music theme, as i'm currently trying to finish writing a review for Digital Lard...

Question Of The Week
Old or new, chart or underground, embarrassing or cool - what artists/tracks can't you go without listening to?

I'll start. I can never seem to go without listening to either the Super Mario Brothers theme or the theme to Ghostbusters once a day. The more mature side of me constantly comes back to Queens Of The Stoneage's Little Sister, Deftones' Bored, Hole's Northern Star and Golden Brown by The Stranglers. I probably listen to each of these at least once a day.

Tell us your guilty musical pleasures!
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