Beckenham ... Why?

Beckenham ... Why?!
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This is the LiveJournal community for people who live in Beckenham. Quite why we do this, we're not yet sure. This community was set up to answer that question. Perhaps you can help us. We need answers, and blood.

So we can get to know newbies, please feel free to post your answers to this Q&A. Don't be shy, we're mostly human.

1. ASL?
2. Favourite place in Beckenham?
3. How did you come to be in Beckenham? And where abouts do you live?
4. What do you do?
5. a.) I love Beckenham because...
b.) I hate Beckenham because...

6. If you were to take someone out and show them a good time, where would you take them for a night of the best Beckenham can offer?
7. What does Beckenham need to make it better?

Good luck and love, my fellow Beckenhamites!

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Beckenham Why? began in the summer of 2005 under the watchful eye of two_blue. It was handed over to misssaxyness and ray_whitney in July 2006, who care for it as their own.
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